Re: Local account is looking for domain controller?!?!?

Just checking: are you using the Computername\User format in the username input box?

Victor Constantinescu aka YounGun
Security MVP

"Brian_McKnight" <BrianMcKnight@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:34EFBA3A-2A15-4947-8189-3C96889C321E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am attempting to congifure a laptop for one of our executives. The laptop
is loaded with Vista Business and is joined to our corporate domain for
purposes of inventory/management. I created a local account for the person
so that he can log in from outside the building. However, when I attempt to
authenticate locally with this account, I am receiving the following message.
. .

There are currently no login servers available to service the logon request

When I take the latop off the domain, I can access the local account. But
why would a local account be going out looking for a domain controller
anyway? I have never come across this with XP. Has anyone seen this
behavior in Vista before?