RE: problem, please help!

You will have to create a user account at craiglist, with a seperate user
name and password, as per their requirements..

You can't put your hotmail address in eBay, can you????
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"bjmgleader" wrote:

OK so I have a windows live account and I get into hotmail and other
micro sites just fine. The problem is when I am over on craigslist I am
trying to respond to a listing I click on the reply to and the pops up for me to login with my username and
password. I can't get in to the passport system at all. For my username
I am trying my email addy(which I thought was my username) but I'm
having no luck. I get a user message that says, Fatal Login Error. hr =
80041500, f = 1 . I hope someone out there can help me, thanks in

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