RE: Visio connectors not working

Menu -> Tools -> Snap and Glue

Check Snap, Check Glue

Check Rulers, Subdivisions, Guides, Connection points under Snap to
Check Guides, Connection points under Glue to

Revert back if this didnt help. Reply your Visio version

"kerry" wrote:

When I open a particular visio file I have created, I am unable to connect
any item to another with lines or connectors. It doesn't detect the object
(e.g. a flowchart process) and the connector won't bind to it.

If I open a new visio file I have no problem, connectors etc work and shape
show those little connector arrows around them. It appears to be just this
single file (which annoyingly has weeks worth of work in it).

Is there something I've done to turn this off, it's driving me nuts as each
time I move an object, I have to redo the lines that connect it.

Thanks in advance for your help.