RE: Creating report from room layout shapes

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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 I don't think this is possible within the current design of the reporting tool in Visio 2007. Within the subtotals section of the report wizard you can specify grand totals however it will not perform a tally on the quantity column for the report.
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\par I have a room layout for an event. There are multiple size tables such as 6
\par ft and 8 ft. I want a report to tell me the total number of 6 fts or 8 fts in
\par room, whether they need electricity, and size linen for table.
\par For each shape I have created data fields:
\par Electricity: (fill with yes/no)
\par Linen size: (fill with size such as 8 ft)
\par Table size: (fill with size such as 6 ft)
\par I have tried multiple ways of creating a custom report and can't get it to say
\par 6 ft tables: 10
\par 8 ft tables: 20
\par Electricity yes: 12
\par Electricity no: 15
\par ...and so on...
\par The closest I got was having the column heading TABLE SIZE then a list of
\par all the tables under it, but there was no total.
\par Either I have created incorrect data fields and entries or I don't know how
\par to do the report. Thanks for any help.
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