Creating report from room layout shapes

I have a room layout for an event. There are multiple size tables such as 6
ft and 8 ft. I want a report to tell me the total number of 6 fts or 8 fts in
room, whether they need electricity, and size linen for table.

For each shape I have created data fields:
Electricity: (fill with yes/no)
Linen size: (fill with size such as 8 ft)
Table size: (fill with size such as 6 ft)

I have tried multiple ways of creating a custom report and can't get it to say
6 ft tables: 10
8 ft tables: 20
Electricity yes: 12
Electricity no: 15
...and so on...

The closest I got was having the column heading TABLE SIZE then a list of
all the tables under it, but there was no total.

Either I have created incorrect data fields and entries or I don't know how
to do the report. Thanks for any help.