Re: Error 920- Save as JPG. Visio 2002 Pro

do the math. 48in*36in*240dpi = 99,532,800 bytes for the file at 256 (8bits)
color. 100m jpgs are a little stressful on the system.
"Becky" <Becky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Trying to save a 48"x36" drawing as a JPG with a high resolution (I'm the
> only one in the office using Visio, so I have to convert everything to
> JPGs
> before they go to the printer)
> At 240x240 pixels/in. it works about 50% of the time. The rest of the
> time,
> and if I go higher on the resolution I always get the following error:
> An error (920) occurred during the action Save As. An error occurred.
> Visio
> is unable to complete exporting.
> Running W2K, Office 2003 Pro, Visio 2002 Pro (and no, they're not going to
> upgrade me so I need a work around.) I've tried copying the drawing into
> Publisher and exporting from there, but its only options are 150 dpi or
> 600.
> 150 is too grainy for fine print text and 600 fails also.