Dear people,

please consider the following code:

BEGIN_MESSAGE_MAP(CMyPropertyPage, CMyPropertyPageParent)
ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_RADIO_1, &CMyPropertyPage::OnBnClickedRadioGroup)
ON_BN_CLICKED(IDC_RADIO_2, &CMyPropertyPage::OnBnClickedRadioGroup)

Basically, I have a list of several radio buttons to which
members are added once in a while, but all are handled by
the same function. Because the list of buttons changes
constantly,I'd like to have them all in one place so I can't
forget to handle one. I stored the IDs along with some
extra information in a vector, I call the DDX_... macros
in a loop, but: (How) is it possible to circumvent the
above message map so I could map all the IDs in a
loop to the handler function?