Re: Author of Visual C++ 2005 STL ???

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Why do you think it represents a bug? See my other post:
where is it called *from*?

The same issue does not exist in MSVC++ 2008, thus they
fixed the bug. I posted some sample code to test for the

On Tue, 31 Mar 2009 20:56:40 -0500, "Peter Olcott"
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I wrote a std::vector that did not have this bug. (Top
posting because quoting does not work)

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On Mar 31, 11:19 am, "Giovanni Dicanio"
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"PeteOlcott" <PeteOlc...@xxxxxxxxx> ha scritto nel

There is an issue with std::vector::push_back()
the object's
copy constructor twice. I want to see if this can be

I don't have VS2005 on this machine (I have VS2008), but
I'm curious...
std::vector::push_back is a very common method, and it
would seem strange to
me that such a common method have a similar bug.

I seriously doubt that this bug exists. IIRC, MSFT
essentially put STL
in VS from one of the very reputable vendors. This is most
likely OP's
misunderstanding/incorrect usage.
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