Re: Service + DLL + Display Questions

You cannot install any program with a GUI interface as a service. If it works, that is
apparently an accident (it will not be supported on Vista and later systems).

The usual way to produce a service with a GUI is to produce a service without a GUI and
create a named pipe by which it communicates to a GUI-based app. You can apply ACLs to
the pipe so that its accessibility is restricted.

You cannot run these as a single instance.

On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 21:06:52 +0100, "G. Helbig" <spam@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Sorry for my bad english...
I develop on WinXP and MFC. My main program called mainDialog include a
dll with a view. It works. The second program install the mainDialog as a
service program (Local System Account), it works too. When i start my
computer and i log on the mainDialog, the mainDialog is visible (Data
exchange between service and Desktop is checked). My Question... What is
the best way? I would like to start the mainDialog as service (invisible)
and in the user account as program (visible), when the user like it. The
mainDialog must be running as one instance.
I hope you understand me, thx for your answers.
Joseph M. Newcomer [MVP]
email: newcomer@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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