Too many USER Objects being used

I have an application that loads in ActiveX "control panels"( about
25) in tabs, and within each ActiveX "control panel", and it has
probably 25-50 ActiveX controls(components).

This is, I believe, creating too many USER Objects, and depending on
what is running on the system currently, makes it so the application
cannot startup. It often fails on a call to GetControlUnknown() when
trying to get handles to the ActiveX components in a particular
ActiveX "control panel".

Anyone have any ideas on how to bring down the number of user
objects. I am unable to do anything once the count of USER objects
get to around 10k. I've tried a registry hack, but that didn't seem
to work.

A solution IS NOT destroying the control when it loses focus (tabbed
application), because the controls take a while to load.

Anyone have any ideas??