Re: m_hWnd unused when running in debugger

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I posted this item a month or so ago and never saw a useful response
or answer to it and went on doing other things, but the problem has
not gone away in the meantime. I've even taken the trouble to create
a dialog based MFC application from scratch in VC++2005 and the
situation is the same, m_hWnd is "unused" when running in the

It is not clear what you mean. A dialog's m_hWnd is valid and "used" once the dialog has been created by a call to DoModal or Create. Why do you say "unused?"

This creates a huge problem for somebody working with an
application which has to use a window handle for a main dialog window
e.g. a command such as

if (WSAAsyncSelect(s, hWndc, WM_TCP_FD_READ, FD_CONNECT | FD_ACCEPT |
FD_READ | FD_CLOSE | FD_WRITE)) DisplayServer("Async

cannot work since the attempt to establish a callback fails, the
returning tcp calls having no place to come back to. That means that
such applications cannot be debugged using MicroSoft software, unless
there is some piece of information I am missing.

Again I'd like to hear from somebody who actually knows something.

Describe "fails." What result do you get from what call? There is no problem using a dialog's m_hWnd as the destination of socket messages. It works. You have been obscure in describing your problem and incorrect in your conclusions.


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