Re: How to drag a dialog box derived from DHtmlDialog ?

You can do that by catching the DISPID_HTMLELEMENTEVENTS_ONSELECTSTART and
DISPID_HTMLELEMENTEVENTS_ONDRAGSTART for all the elements in the Document.
and call

Here is an example:


"Shatrughan" <shatrughan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have created a dialogbox which is derived from CDHtmlDialog. My
don't have titlebar.

Because it is a DHtmlDialog box it contains a web page. Web page hase an
Image looks like titlebar (Which is not a titlebar).

Now what I want is I want to drag my dialog by pressing this image

I tried to Override OnLButtonDown but control not going there. Why I don't

Aftre tring this I am able to drag my dialog by pressing on border only.
Which is not my requirement.

UINT CDhtmldemoDlg::OnNcHitTest(CPoint point)
return HTCAPTION ;

Any suggestion ????

Thanks and Regards

Shatrughan Prasad Bareth