Re: RelesaseBuffer assertion in VC7

thanks guys,
So in VC6 it was still a bug but not detected, or
with current implementation of new MFC it's bug?
But I understand that I need to add NUL at the and
if ReadFile doesnt' do it.
Looks like god idea to switch to VC7 now :)


"Doug Harrison [MVP]" <dsh@xxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> On Fri, 23 Sep 2005 14:32:48 -0500, "aaron" <aaron@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>Yes, you're right, Code is full UNICODE.
>>Assertion text is: atlsimpstr.h line 718
>>Exception: nLength<=getData()->nAllocLength
> After adding spaces on either side of the <= operator, I find that text at
> line 791 in VC7.1. It indicates one of the things I suggested last time,
> that a nul wasn't found in the buffer filled by ReadFile.
>>Reason of dwSize/2 is because unicode.
> To add to what Joe suggested, you must ensure the data you read contains a
> nul, or you must specify the length in the ReleaseBuffer call to prevent
> CString from doing a strlen and reading past the end of the buffer. In
> pretty much all scenarios, a naked ReadFile has to be considered an error:
> ReadFile(hIn, sBuffer.GetBuffer(dwSize/2), dwSize, &nIn, NULL);
> You absolutely must check how many bytes were actually read, and you must
> check for EOF and errors. On top of that you have the ReleaseBuffer
> considerations I already mentioned.
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