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Ben Voigt wrote:
"Victor Bazarov" <v.Abazarov@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Andy wrote:
How would I go about making this happen?

template<int Count> struct ACollectionOfThings {
typedef char not_allowed[Count > 16];
not_allowed& foo(); // dummy member

template<int Count> struct ASmallCollectionOfThings {
typedef char not_allowed[Count <= 16];
not_allowed& foo(); // dummy member

This assumes that your compiler forbids arrays of size zero, which
isn't true of all compilers.

Why should anybody concern themselves with non-compliant compilers?

Better would be:

template<int Count> struct ACollectionOfThings {
~ACollectionOfThings() { // or any other member function that gets
used const bool toosmall = Count < 16;
switch { case toosmall: case true: break; }

How does that work? Shouldn't there be a parenthesised expression
after the 'switch'? What compiler compiles the code you posted?


int main()
ACollectionOfThings<123> c123; // OK
ACollectionOfThings<10> c10; // causes an error
ASmallCollectionOfThings<10> sc10; // OK
ASmallCollectionOfThings<123> sc123; // causes an error
return 0;

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