Re: passing a string to a C++ function

Hi Igor,

I disagree. When I used to write in "C" I used this form all the time and
it seemed to make perfect sense (before prototypes). When you write it this
way you can do things like:

int f(x,y)
int x; /* first input value */
int y; /* second input value */
return (x+y);

Like so many things in the religion of programming there are lots of ways to
do the same thing and lots of reasons to use the ways.


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>>> Unfortunately, K&R style is in general horrible. There is nothing
>>> wrong with this particular line, but you should not take their code
>>> as example.
>> I don't agree. Before C++ came along it was the defacto standard. How
>> can you say they have bad style or are no good for examples? They
>> invented the language so who better to follow?
> The original K&R style looks like this:
> int f(x, y)
> int x;
> int y;
> {
> return x + y;
> }
> Nobody in their right mind, including C programmers, writes code like that
> nowadays. This style was considered horrible well before C++ was invented.


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