Re: Writing to others Process STDIN

On Tue, 21 Jun 2005 18:08:58 +0200, Egon Rath wrote:

> On Mon, 20 Jun 2005 19:05:27 +0200, Egon Rath
> <egon-nospam@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>i am trying to write to a other's process standard input. I've played
>>around with the OpenProcess and DuplicateHandle Functions - without
>>any success.
>>below is my test code (compiles but doesn't work)
> Hi,
> first of all, thank you for answering.
> Ok, the part with the source/target is now clear. I've read in the
> MSDN Documentation to DuplicateHandle that it only works for
> duplicating Console Input/Output Handles if the Process is a child of
> the calling process where the Duplication should occur.
> The situation i need to master is as follows:
> We are running a application which consists of about 30 open command
> line windows where in each of this windows runs a Java Process.
> Sometimes when a complex bug in this application occurs it's necessary
> to step through all of these windows, enlarge the console buffer to as
> many lines as possible, then press Ctrl-Break, mark the entire output
> (Java Stack Trace), copy each of the output to a text file ... and so
> on....
> I want to develop a way of automating this process. Do you have any
> ideas how i could do this with the Win32 API?

I gotta tell you, my first choice would not be to try to iterate these
windows and look into their console buffers. Some ideas:

1. Is there a Java debug mode that will send stack traces and the like to a
designated place?

2. Is there any way you can catch the exception and send it where you want

3. Can you launch the processes with a redirected stderr?

Doug Harrison
Microsoft MVP - Visual C++