Re: source code user32.dll library

From: Pavel Lebedinsky (m_pll)
Date: 05/27/04

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    Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 16:29:32 -0700

    I'm still not sure what exactly you are trying to do and
    what's not working.

    May be you should ask this question in a more UI-oriented
    newsgroup like or

    I'm not sure if it can help you, but have you tried using
    the spyxx.exe tool that comes with Visual Studio? This
    should allow you to see all messages that come into
    the combobox window.

    "Eugenia" wrote:

    > I have a combo and I use the CComboBox, CListBox and CEdit classes, I had
    created many characteristics that's why I can see different things in the
    list box (options or comments) so when the list box of a combo box is
    visible and I can write the characters using keyboard one by one until I
    have the text that I need and when the acction had finished, I must see the
    new item in my combo but it not happens. I only see the previous value.
    > I had analized all messages for my combo in WindowProc and I had looked
    that when Window is in the 0x164 message (I don't know what is the purpose
    or meaning, but in this case the index value is correct) and later
    WM_LBUTTONUP message (there are continuos) the index value of my new item
    change to zero (I always see the previuos item in the combo). That's why I
    would like to have the source code of user32.dll library because is possible
    to know that internal messages Window to manage.

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