text (file) report to something newer

I have an app that generates a text report. My original app was an old
(DOS) BASIC program that would generate a text file or a file sent to a text
printer using PRINT #1... statements. The app has moved over to VB6 but the
report has remained basically unchanged for the last 20 years or so.

My app is not (necessarily) a database type app. I collect data from an
electronic data acq. system and perform a lot of calculations on them and
then generate the report. I do later store my data into a DB but the
reports I want to generate are not really tabular reports.

These are the things I have been working on:

Printer object - I started rewriting my code to generate a report with the
printer object which for the most part it looks nice but I think the
programming to generate the report (with different font sizes, lines, boxes,
etc.) seems to be somewhat very troublesome in regards to lining everything

richtextbox control - Yesterday I did a quick test that read in my text file
and wrote the lines to a richtextbox control. On the lines that were
headings I bolded the text so that seemed nice. I am thinking I may want to
use this.

Excel - I have generated to Excel files with mostly data and was thinking I
could write my report to a Excel file. I could control which rows and
columns get formatting (font size, color, attributes) and adding lines.

something else - If you could suggest to other tool that people are using
that would be great.

PDF - Whichever method I use I want to generate a PDF file from it. I
understand whichever way I use to create the report that generating a PDF is
easy using a standard PDF Printer.

thanks for any help,