Re: Reassigning arrow keys

On Wed, 11 Oct 2006 04:11:24 -0400, "Rick Rothstein \(MVP - VB\)"
<rickNOSPAMnews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

It was a request from users. They want to arrow from textbox to text box.
I guess I could let them try it and see if then they want me to change it

Suggest that they use Shift/Ctl/Alt with the arrow to move around.

Maybe ALT, but Shift and Control coupled with the arrow keys have
preassigned meanings.

That depends on the App

IME users love to be able to navigate using cursor keys

Maybe okay as long as an editing type control doesn't have, or can't get,
focus (see above).

As in Excel ? A great example of MS ignoring their own rules

Alternatively, use the Arrows, but any other key flips into field
editing mode - and a leading space performs the 'flip' but is eaten.

So if the user is editing text and wants to insert a space or overwrite a
selected character or characters with a space... what, they have to type two
spaces then (the first one flips them out of edit mode, the second puts them
back in)?

No, then the user is stuck with the up/down Arrows, or their great
favourite, the Enter key

Possibly my experience is biased, but all the systems I've written
have been used extensively by users, so that they get totally familiar
with the interface.

Despite the rather comical 'rules' set out by MS, users are pretty

As a joke I once suggested a shortcut field where they could enter
about eight real fields separated by commas
- the pair I was talking to jumped at the idea, it took me some time
to persuade them that it was a joke

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