Re: interface based callback

Thanks for replying
i know how to raise/trap events
i know how to program against an interface
i know what is a callback
but i have no idea whatever is meant bij 'interface based callback'
am i maybe right when i think this person has no idea himself about what he
is talking ?
when i ask him what he means, he just replys with 'think about it'

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> > there is this person thats saying:
> > you'l understand object orientation in vb6 if you can code an interface
> > based callback
> > my question is:
> > what is an interface based callback, and how is it coded ?
> I would have to guess this person is talking about an ActiveX server
> events. Look up VB's Event and RaiseEvent statements. Event is used to
> define the event (its name and any parameters it might have). RaiseEvent
> used to raise it. Also look up the WithEvents statement.
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