Re: Problem when executing application from batch file

"Jack" <replyto@newsgroup> wrote in

> I do not understand and maybe someone please can explain to why, after
> executing the first line of the batch file the batch execution stops
> until I close my application.
> What kind of mechanism is that?
> sample of batch file:
> [].exe /5553331234
> [].exe /5556770808
> [].exe /5553451234
> That happens only if there is not previous instance running.
> I can see batch execution in CMD window. I can see the first batch
> line being executed and then nothing. I close my app and then second
> line of batch file appears and my app is alive again. I close my app
> and then the third line of batch file will appear.
> If I understand the mechanism of that behaviour maybe I can patch over
> that problem
> Jack

Is that 3 seperate lines in the batch file ?

In the OP, I thought by accept multiple command line params I thought you
meant like: program.exe /param1 /param2 /param3

The batch file acts exactly as it was intended. It runs the first line,
waits until that program ends, then runs the next line.

I would have written the command$ handler to parse the string and look for
multiple params, which is what I thought you did, and you wouldn't have had
this issue.