Re: Excel 2003 and VB.NET

"Maileen" <noemail@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Hi,
> for several years i used the following code without any trouble. But
> it seems that under VB.NET and with Excel 11 COM, it has some issues.

<response type="generic" language="VB.Net">
This newsgroup is for users of Visual Basic version 6.0
and earlier and not the misleadingly named VB.Net
or VB 200x. Solutions, and often even the questions,
for one platform will be meaningless in the other.
When VB.Net was released Microsoft created new newsgroups
devoted to the new platform so that neither group of
developers need wade through the clutter of unrelated
topics. Look for newsgroups with the words "dotnet" or
"vsnet" in their name. For the news
server try these: