Re: Changing default save directory?

From: Jeff Johnson [MVP: VB] (i.get_at_enough.spam)
Date: 11/02/04

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 22:43:44 -0500

"Larry Serflaten" <> wrote in message

>> > What does 'pin it to start menu' mean?
>> I take it you're not using XP. It's a feature of that OS and later that
>> you
>> can use to cause an icon (and apparently not just a shortcut, as this
>> thread
>> has shown) to remain on the Start menu permanently. It goes up where your
>> browser and email programs are.
> I'm using W2K, IE and OE are in the Programs menu. The Start menu has
> Windows Update, a separator, then the Programs, Documents, Settings,
> Search, Help, and Run items.
> To move an item to where WU is, I can paste a shortcut in:
> C:\Documents and Settings\LFS\Start Menu

You can still do that in XP, but it will only be visible when you open the
All Programs (the new name for what you see simply as Programs) menu.

Unless you switch back to using the "classic" Start Menu, of course. At
least Microsoft made that an option.