Re: Couldn't find installable ISAM error from VB 6 / Access 2003

<stacy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I'm so sorry, I guess I didn't explain very well what I am trying to
> do.
> I need to modify an existing, and working application. The application
> runs on my WinXP SP2 box when installed with the setup.exe that was
> created by the original author. I cannot, however, run it on my WinXP
> SP2 box from the VB 6.0 IDE platform.
> So to answer your questions:
> Q: Are you attempting to Open a VB project and compile on your new box?
> A: Yes
> Q: Can you open the project and recompile it on a WinXP SP2 box?
> A: Yes - compiles without errors - run-time errors occur "Couldn't find
> installable ISAM"
> Q: Do you even want to open a project and recompile it on a WinXP SP2
> box?
> A: Yes
> I think this is what we are talking about...
> Q: You attempting to get a legacy VB program to run on your new WinXP
> SP2 box?
> A: Yes and No, I want to run it, which I can do, I also want to modify
> it and package it, this is not successful.

Here is about all I can suggest...

1) Just about everything on the net says the error is most commonly related
to an incorrect version of the MSVBVM60.dll.;en-us;299457

But I believe you said you checked for that.

2) Perhaps the error is correct and it can't find the correct Jet

But I believe you have checked all that out.

It is also hard to believe that you don't get a 429/430 error if this was
the case.

3) Perhaps it is a subtle error in the connection string. A misplaced or
missing space, comma, etc. Try building a new one, or perhaps temporarily
replace the connection with a DSN you build and test with the "Data Sources
(ODBC)" applet (Settings::Administrative Tools).

4) Perhaps there is a security or workgroup requirement in the old one that
didn't translate to the new MSAccess setup.

5) Take a baseball bat or other suitable object and smash the monitor and PC
box into as many pieces as possible. Not likely to resolve the problem, but
you will feel tons better.