Re: Acc2000 Database Bloat, Compacting doesn't resolve issue

"TLS" <tim.sexton@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> Can anyone provide some insight on preventing Access database bloat? I
> am currently developing a VB6 application that uses ADO to interface
> with an Access 2000 db, retrieve SQL statements stored in a table,
> execute those SQL strings, publish the query results in Excel, update
> status tables and output a notification report from Access 2000.
> My Acc2000 development db has ballooned from 1 meg to over 300 meg and
> compacting the database does not significantly reduce its size.
> I don't know if its pertinent to the issue but the Acc2000 db has
> several linked tables(Sybase,Oracle and Access)

I hope I am wrong, but AFAIK it is the nature of the beast.

It will grow even larger during run-time. You didn't mention how many
reports, queries, VBA, etc. you have, but you can occasionally reduce the
impact by employing various strategies to split the table objects from the
other stuff. Look up ADP, MOD, and Database Splitting in the MSAccess Help.