Crystal Reports XI - Open Hyperlink / File

Dear all,

Any help would be appreciated.

I have created a tool in VB6 that allows for Crystal reports to be
viewed (using Crystal's report viewer dlls and ocxs). The version of
Crystal Reports used for development is Crystal Reports XI. Within
the report are several formula fields. Some of which contain
hyperlinks to specific URLs (e.g. click on a formula field and the
report then opens Internet Explorer (in my case) and then proceeds to
navigate to a pre-defined URL).

A formula field may contain the URL "". So, when that
field is clicked upon IE opens and then navigates to
Seems simple enough.

From this point I then packaged the executable and necessary merge
modules, dlls, etc. into a setup routine. That setup routine was then
run on another machine; this machine did not already have Crystal
Reports XI installed. The setup then installed all of the necessary
components ready for use. I then tried to run the application on the
abovementioned machine and everything worked perfectly fine. The
report appeared as I expected, and the formula fields redirected
traffic to the appropriate URLs. Brilliant!!

I then proceeded to install the software on a Windows 2000 server that
we use as a Citrix server. I ran the application post setup and all
appeared to work fine. Fine that is, until I tried to click upon one
of the formula fields. When a formula field, which contained an
embedded hyperlink, was clicked upon Internet Explorer opened up (as
it should). However, at this point the URL placed into IE's address
bar read...


What I am perplexed by is the fact that the URL ( is
now prefixed, for reasons that evade me, with http://%1%20 . Can
anyone kindly explain to me why when this report is run on my Citrix
box that the URL somehow is magically altered to include a new prefix

To try and work around this issue I attempted to launch IE directly as
a file. I.e. embedded the program path (C:\Program Files\Internet
Explorer\Iexploer.exe) within the formula field (instead of a
hyperlink) and this appeared to launch IE on any machine (my
development machine, another machine (without Crystal Reports XI
installed), and the Citrix server. Great I thought...Again, I counted
my chickens before they were hatched! I then proceeded to update the
formula field with a postfix of the web site that I would like IE to
launch (e.g. C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Iexploer.exe
This worked perfectly fine from the command line, it also worked fine
from within the Crystal Reports XI application. The problem arose
when I attempted to use this approach via the report viewer that I had
created. When I clicked upon the formula field absolutely nothing

As you can guess this is frustrating the heck out of me, so if any
kind person out there has any ideas please pass them my way, I would
be ever so grateful.



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