Re: Could not lock file

They may be 'read locks' (or 'share locks') Rob. You're thinking 'write
locks' (or 'exclusive locks').

If something is comparing records then it may be applying read locks to
prevent someone else doing an Update concurrently with the comparison.
However, if something else is already updating the relevant records then the
read lock cannot be granted.

I'm not clear what type of database you're accessing or with what (e.g.
ADODB?). Can you provide any more details?

Another reason for unexpectedly applying too many read locks is when
performing a SELECT from a table that does not have an index

Tony Proctor

"Ron Kunce" <AID9F5C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I have a lot of users getting a warning message -2147467259, "Could not
> file". The error handler routine sending the warning, comes from one of
> several functions which are NOT doing any kind of update process. However
> these function's are launched from a timer function to compare records in
> local and fileserver based databases (.mdb's).
> How can a function, not performing an update, issue a file lock warning?
> Can the VB timer function be running separate threads, so that when an
> update process running somewhere else cause a warning to be issued from
> within a different function?