Re: how to get rid of the wss windows authentication box?

Engelbert wrote:
Almost invariably the best people to ask about Project Server 2003 questions
(such as this which is about PWA) are the guys in the very active Project
Server newsgroup.


Only a small percentage of WSSv2 users have Project Server - all the Project
Server 2003 users ave WSS working in sync with it.

In a standard WSS site provided that you had *also* specified anonymous
access for the site (Site Settings / Go to Site Administration / Manage
anonymous access) then there ought to be no reason for the login box to
appear (unless something is clicked *within the site* that Reader hasn't
sufficient rights for).


"jeffhan" <hanzhefeng@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
i am using wss2.0 with project server 2003.
i've already set IIS to allow anoymous access for both "projectserver"
site and "SharePoint Central Administration" site.

Now when i get into project server PWA, the auth windows doesn't popup,
but as long as i click "shared documents", the ugly windows auth box
pop out again, how can i get rid of it?

Thank you very much! Engelbert, it works!