Re: WSS Requirements Help

Hello Jan-Willem,
You can create a description of a document which will be presented as a tool tip or a custom column (you can define in a document library (or any other web part) what columns to present to the user. This should satisfy your first requirement
Provided your users have Office 2003 installed on their client machines, you can use the explorer view when checking documents into a library. This should satisfy your second requirement
Your third requirement - I'm not so sure. You'd have to play around with themes and customizations, but I don't know off the top of my head if you can customize individual folders within a single document library. You CAN customize individual document workspaces to your heart's content.
To satisfy your fourth requirement, the easiest way to go is to add a user for each of the external users you plan on granting access to.
The built in and highly customizable security model in SharePoint allows you to meet your fifth requirement easily.
To satisfy your sixth and seventh requirements, you might have to write some custom code or purchase a workflow package from a third party. I'm not sure that SharePoint supports this level of auditing out of the box. I'm also not aware of any way (short of modifying the data directly in SQL Server) to change the auditing data that is captured
Your final requirement sounds like you need to apply some intelligent site design to your portal. If you are concerned about returning a short list of valid results when you search a site, you should group the related materials into individual team sites. Don't put your developer data in your marketing portal, and visa versa.

I hope this helps. I can recommend some books you can check out. Try the following links to Amazon:

Essential SharePoint by Jeff Webb -

Microsoft SharePoint: Building Office 2003 Solutions by Scot P Hillier -

I and my partners used both books when putting together the content for our free SharePoint 1, 2, 3! training event currently being given in Atlanta (

--Matt Ranlett

I'm currently performing a proof-of-concept exercise in whether WSS
will satisfy a various requirements.  These requirements only focus
themselves on the document management functionality of WSS and nothing

Fortunately, most of them are not a problem in deciding whether they
are a simple pass/fail.   But here are some of the other requirements
that I'm unsure about - or simply don't have a clue !!!  I've also
included the aim of the requirement so that you can see what we want
the system to achieve.

Can I apologise in advance for any questions which are not in the
scope of the forum.  I'm posting this with the understanding that all
these point are relevant.

i) It should be possible to save a summary against a document being
uploaded.  The aim is to present to the user at-a-glance information.
ii) It should be possible to view the folder structure in a tree view.
The aim is to present an interface as close as possible to the MS
Folders pane, Files pane.  Another reason is that a similar interface
is used
in the existing document management (file based) system.
iii) Each folder within a document library should be capable of
branding information.  The 'branding' information will consist of a
logo and
background colour.
The aim is to present a localised view on folders.  For example, one
level may represent a companies and within this level there would be
iv)  It should be possible to for external users (users from outside
of the
domain comming into the Sharepoint site from the internet) to access
Sharepoint site.  External users will be required to enter a user id
password prior to gaining access to any documents.
The aim is to widen the scope of access since many more companies and
individuals can make use of the companies documents - something which
is not
provided at present.
v) Is should be possible to configure CRUD access rights for each
The aim is to provide a flexible access structure that is not too
to administer.
vi) It should be capable of auditing ALL CRUD events that can occurr
on a
document (not including it's folder).  Audit information should
consist of
User Name, Date and User Notes.  I appreciate that Create, Update can
managed through versioning but what about opening up and deleting a
The aim is to closely manage a document's usefulness, when it was
and (for internal and external auditing requirements) how many people
read the document.
vii) There shouild be no way of modifying the audit trail even with
Administrator access.
The aim is to provide a document management system where all access
changes can be backed up with the individuals who performed the
viii) It should be possible to query for information at folder level.
recently installed WSS with SQL Server and can only search the whole
level site.
The aim is to limit the number of results of a search to enable the
user to
find the information as quickly as possible.
Many, many thanks to all that can contribute in answering whether the
above requirements can be met by WSS (we will not be purchasing
Sharepoint Portal Server).