Re: Documents, risks and issues does not open from Project Web Access

Please post this to the Project Server newsgroup at


This newsgroup deals only with WSS questions that could arise in any of the
WSS implementations.

Risks are however only in the Project Server implementation of WSS (and
Issues are different there too).

Anyway this whole question and the error message you are getting seems to
come direct from Project Server 2003.

Mike Walsh, Helsinki, Finland
Please reply to the newsgroup

"Harish" <Harish@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> When I access Documents, risks and issues through Intranet there is no
> problem. But, when I try to access documents, risks and issues from
> Extranet
> (Internet) it shows error page with following message:
> The documents, risks and issues features in Project Web Access use Windows
> SharePoint Services.
> There is a problem establishing a connection with the Web server running
> Windows SharePoint Services. Contact your system administrator.
> Please let me know what configuration might needed to access through
> extarnet?
> --
> Harish


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