RE: SPS-WSS and Project Server?

From: KnightFall1 (
Date: 11/12/04

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 11:21:02 -0800

Well our company chose option 1. But the difference in our case was we have
the Project Server 2003 database on a SQL 2000 Cluster in active/passive mode
and the SharePoint Portal Server 2003 database installed locally on the
Sharepoint Server. Basically on the Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 box we did
the following:
1) Created an IIS virtual site for the portal sites to use (i used the
default port 80) 2) Created another IIS virtual site (running on another port
besides port 80) for Project Server to use
3) Ran the Sharepoint administration tool to extend both IIS virtual sites
4) Ran the wsswiz.exe file included on the Project Server 2003 CD to install
the necessary Project Server templates on the IIS virtual site for use by
Project Server. Don't install these templates on the IIS virtual site used by
5) Go into the admin portion of Project Web Access and specify the URL/port
of the IIS virtual server used by WSS on the Sharepoint Portal Server 2003
box and choose to connect to it.

When WSS project sites are created via Project Web Access, they would
automatically reference the URL/port of the IIS virtual site on the shared
Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 instance and physically be created on the
Sharepoint Portal Server 2003 box since that's actually where WSS resides,
not on the Project Server box. Hope that helps.

"Roberto Becerril" wrote:

> Hi forum.
> I hope i'm writing to the correct forum, if not please let me know. I
> have been usin SPS for a few months and get a collaborative
> enviroment. Now my company wants to use project server 2003 for a
> project management office. So the problems gets now, i read that
> Project comes with his own WSS, and it not integrates at all with SPS,
> except for the searches and the point of start.
> So, how do you use Project Server 2003 and Sharepoint Portal Server
> (both in different server)?. I don't know which will be the best
> solution and if it works. I have in mind the following options:
> 1. Use the server with SPS and his WSS (Server 1), then install
> another server with Project Server 2003 (Server 2) and link it in the
> admin options to the Server 1 and also use the Server's 1 SQL
> database. Can it be possible?.
> When i will to create a project, where does WSS create the site?, can
> i decide the URL or it is automatic?
> 2. The another option is to install a server with project server
> 2003and his own WSS, meanwhile my other SPS server still working with
> his own collaboration sites. Can i create an structure of sites and
> workspaces? or it creates automatically the workspaces for each
> project.?
> I currently have sites and subsites for each area and subarea of my
> company, i would like that project tracking in WSS will be created
> under his own area, can it be done on sceneario 1?
> I hope you can share how you work with this and what you think.
> Thanks in Advanced