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Date: 06/28/04

Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 15:26:06 -0800

Okay, some further diagnoses has happened, as follows, but I haven't
resolved the error completely..

By enabling all the diag logs from central admin, I was able to get a more
descriptive explanation of the problem. '4060' corresponds to an entry in
the SQL Server master.sysmessages table, and it's a 'login failed' error. My
divisional portals are running under a different app pool and identity than
the corporate portal, and the identity of this pool, while having dbo rights
to the central configuration database, did not have rights to the corporate
portal's content database.

I granted the app pool identity read rights to the corporate content db, and
now the message I get back is:
"Retrieving overall status encountered error. Error code = 229"

After looking up 229 in the sysmessages table, I found this was an 'access
denied' error message. This would lead me to believe that the role of
'reader' on the corporate content database was not sufficient.

Read access was given, per this statement from the technet excerpt of the
Sharepoint Resource Kit:
"Although child portal sites must have access to the parent configuration
and content databases for added security, that access can be limited to

Apparently this is not true. With read-only access, I'm still getting an
'access denied' error -- 229. So I'm left with the following question in my
pursuit towards remediating this issue:

What are the _minimum_ required access rights to the central configuration
and content databases (of the parent portal) for the identity of a separate
application pool dedicated to running a child portal?

Any help in obtaining such a list would be very important. I have a copy of
the resource kit book in the mail, and maybe it has some detailed answers,
but until then, I'm stuck..


"Wei-Dong XU [MSFT]" <> wrote in message
> Hi S,
> I haven't met the same issue before. From my view, I'd suggest you can
post one repro steps for me so that I can perform one research on this
> issue.
> Look forward to your reply!
> Best Regards,
> Wei-Dong Xu
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