Re: Vista Logon Script

There must be a better way. The script works fine when launched
manually after logon. This solution is cumbersome to say the least and
would be a hassle to integrate with XP and 2K machines.

Richard Mueller wrote:
Seems many people report this problem. I found this posted on a Microsoft
Vista help group:
Explanation for what you are seeing and workaround :

By default Group policy service executes scripts in an elevated mode. There
are some scripts like 'Map network drives' that would need to be run in UAP
mode. In order to launch such scripts in a UAP context from an elevated
process, you can leverage the Task scheduler API. Here is a sample script:

Usage: cscript launchapp.wsf <AppPath>

If the user wants to run a GP logon script Script-UAP.wsf and requires it
to run in UAP context because it is mapping drives for the user then, create
another script Launch-Script-UAP.wsf which will just use the sample script
above to launch Script-UAP.wsf in UAP mode. Deploy this script as GP logon

I'm attaching the LaunchApp sample script too.

This change will also be communicated via KB, Vista GP document or

Let me know if you still have issues.

Vista Remote File Systems.
This sounds like a big problem to me. I've never used wsf files myself. More
research needed, but this is crazy.

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