Re: Removing DNS and WINS static reference from PCs

"Pierluigi" <Pierluigi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I Slim and thank for your replay. Found nothing interesting in that site.
So is for all other site of this kind.
It seems it's not possibile to do this with VB script (!?).
In can't believe it ....

I would of thought that if your DHCP gives these options all you need do it
change the NIC's from static to dynamic and the settings should be updated.

"Slim" wrote:

have look here

"Pierluigi" <Pierluigi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'm looking for a script in order automatically remove static
about DNS and WINS server from many PC's netwok config.
That is because I need to use options assigned from DHCP.
I didn't find any script about this (looked in many script sites,
without goog news)
NETSH is not viable cause PCs have different interface name so I would
to write too many different scripts (at that point I can better go
doing the new config. on every PC).

Some help ?