Re: Dr. Watson Debugger Virus..

From: "knarfsays" <knarfsays@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| In fact i am on XP Pro SP 2 aways updated.

| I am experiencing the same issue. I was first introduced to the virus on a
| friends machine that i was cleaning up. i put in my usb drive to save the
| drivers from it. When i put it in to my machine, a couple of days later i
| started to notice the same issues on my personal computer.

| Seriously, i used the same usb stick on my brothers computer, just to
| transfer some files, and NOW hes experiencing the same problem.

| This is a virus. I'd like to figure out how it works, and how we can
| destroy it. no commercial AV is detecting the issue. I personally use
| NOD32, but Norton and AVG have been attempted.

| Note:
| I experience it most when right clicking on my computer from the start menu.

| Hope to hear from anyone soon.

| Thanks

| Frank

Dr. Watson is NOT a virus or malware.

If YOU have a problem, create a new thread and in that post completely describe your
problem, what file(s) are suspect and what you are experiencing.

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