Re: Jswx.log (how do I rid this)

From: RustyM (RM_at_RMcom)
Date: 10/23/04

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    Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 13:45:03 -0700

    I clicked on the link that You sent me that says "Is this what you see"???
    And YES- that is exactly what I see!!! I had posted my log at computor cops,
    perhaps about 3 weeks ago. Not one person replyed so I may just repost
    soon. -I will try the other forums u suggested as well-THanks Madmaxx

    Thanks so very much for your help-! ! ! !
    "madmax" <> wrote in message
    > RustyM wrote:
    > > thanx madmaxx-I did forget to include in my orig. post that i have done
    > > HJThis scans as well- I viewed the running processes and only saw stuff
    > > I use including lots of Microsoft programs. Nothing fishy their. Is
    there a
    > > was to delete this jswx log permanently??? I coulnt tell u for sure when
    > > first noticed it but I think its been there at least a year. I have
    > > it several times and when it comes back, it is probably empty. Then as
    > > weeks go by, the file gets larger as I said with the same thing in it,
    > > MainInitGlobals - Web Function
    > > MainInitWindow - Web Function  OVER & OVER again. this is really
    > > me.
    > >
    > Try posting your HJT log on Computer Cops forum and let an expert look
    > it over.You can find other forums here-
    > Is this what you see?
    > -max
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