Removing Temp Files

From: Michael D. Alligood (noemail)
Date: 10/05/04

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 18:25:43 -0400

I regularly have to remove spyware/adware from different client PCs. Some of
these PCs have multiple users. The first thing I do is boot into safe mode
and remove all temp files, temp internet files, and cookies out of each
users profile and delete the temp files out of the windows\temp folder. I
was looking for a way to automate this process. Disk Cleanup does not remove
all instances of these file. Does anyone know of a script or batch file that
will clear out all file in the directories mentioned above?

I also install 3 programs with regularity; SpyBot, Ad-Aware, and Spyware
Blaster. If I could utilize a script or batch file to install all three at
the same time that would be great. I understand that this may sound lazy.
However, I do this with such regularity, with different clients at different
locations. I am just looking for something to help automate the process.

Thank you all in advance for your advice. I greatly appreciate it!

Michael D. Alligood