Re: trojan horse downloader apropro.J

From: madmax (
Date: 06/18/04

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 16:27:05 GMT

kwood wrote:
> I have a trojan horse virus alert which reads:
> virus
> trojan horse Downloader.apropo.J is found in file
> C:\System Volume Information\_restore{F2681A7D-91E5-401A-
> Ac8B-015335799DCO}\RP13\A0000607.dll
> What in the world do I do now? I use avg 6.0 free edition
> which contains the virus but how do I get it outta here
> totally? Also have lots of spam popping up every time I
> sit down to computer which never happened before this.
It is in the system restore files.It will be fine until you
use system restore.You can turn off system restore in system
When you turn it off all restore points will be deleted.
About the spam,Mozilla Thunderbird has good junk mail
filters.I use it instead of Outlook.And Mozilla Firefox has
a pretty good pop-up stopper.Google has a pop-up stopper for
Internet Explorer.There are many out there to choose from.
The new release of IE6 has a pop-up stopper built in but
will not be out till the end of July.

Programs that I use and recommend (all are free)
Many thanks to all the people who make these fine products!
Spybot Search and Destroy 1.3
Spyware Blaster
Spyware Guard
Sygate Personal Firewall
Avast! For Home
Eraser 5.3
This message is virus free as far I can tell
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