Re: Nachi, Lovsan

From: Craol (
Date: 04/27/04

Date: Tue, 27 Apr 2004 15:54:38 -0700

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>Download the McAfee worm removal tool, Stinger:
>or the Microsoft Lovsan/Blaster and Nachi/Welchia
Removal Tool
>and install the following patch for the RPC/RPCSS and
DCOM Vulnerabilities that are
>addressed by Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-012 -
us;828741 and finally
>Please read:
>You also need a FireWall. If you don't patch the PC and
not use a FireWall then you will
>just be re-infected.
>I also suggest the installation of *ALL* MS Critical
Updates ASAP.
>"Carol" <> wrote in
>| I have discovered these two viruses on my laptop and
>| deleted them using the appropriate tools and my machine
>| now says it is clear. However, after being on the net
>| 5 mins or so the pages refuse to load and the level of
>| traffic is immense.
>| I have the firewall enabled within Windows XP Home. I
>| have checked the registry for the virus settings but
>| there is no sign. The only thing that enable me to
>| the net is rebooting my machine but then again after 5
>| minutes it slows completely down
>| Anyone have any ideas????
>| Thanks
Thanks for the reply. I have now done all of this and run
the stinger again which found no virus. However, when
trying to download critical updates (not the patches, i
copied thes from another pc) exactly the same thing
happens, the updats download and then freeze on install
and i am unable to view the net.
Is it something I'm doing wrong or do i have to reinstall