Re: Check if a cell in a worksheet contains a link

On Jul 29, 1:40 am, Tuhin <minhazahme...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am trying to write a macro in Excel using VBA. It will check if the
value in a cell has a hyperlink. If a hyperlink exist then copy the
value of that cell in the clip board, activate the hyperlink to go to
the linked worksheet, search for that value, if found get the cell
number, move back to the 1st worksheet and then update that link with
that cell number.

I tried "HasLinks" method but it doesn't work.

Any help will be appreciated.



Since this is a Excel VBA question, I'd respectfully suggest you'd get
more response in the microsoft.public.excel.programming. There are
some here who can answer, but there are a number of real Excel VBA
gurus over there.

Tom Lavedas