Re: Application to be called - runas Administrator

you can run the script through MS script encoder, but this is easily decoded
if someone really wants to.
you could write the script in 'C' using a bunch of "system()" calls... that
would give you an exe

"bdickert" <bdickert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I don't believe you can compile a vbscript - this information was passed on
to me - someone left that did this before - and I am picking up where he
off -

"bdickert" wrote:

I need an application to be called from a compiled script that has
rights (run as). The reason it needs to be complied is to conceal the
admin equivalent account that would need to run the exe. This in turn
be deployed in a login script and be called during user login. The
program would create a flag file at the end of its execution and copy it
the local C drive. This flag file would be checked for presence in the
beginning of the compiled program to bypass if it had already been run on
that particular machine.

The goal of this is to remove the application off all machines in the
domain, and then we will redeploy the newest version using WinInstall.
issue that we are having is that many old clients are not updating
I am new to VBSCRIPT and just need some direction.

Thanks in advance.