Re: How can I read a Outlook .MSG file with VBScript?

MSG Files:

Priasoft has several MSG related products.

In particular, they have a MSG file parsing library that gives
developers access to all the properties of a .msg file, without

They also have an export library that works with the MSG library for
exporting msg files to other formats, like PDF, TIF, and HTML.

For PST files, they have a couple of command line tools that allow
extraction of messages to MSG, again without requiring outlook, and it
supports both ANSI and UNICODE pst files. There is also the reverse, a
MSG to PST utility.

They also have a viewer product that looks very similar to outlook 2003
with regards to the User Interface. The viewer can view, search, print,
and export msg files.

Lastly, they just release a free ViewOnly viewer here:

the MSG Guru, Eriq VanBibber

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