Re: exe file

> You train your users to double click on exe's they get in emails? Or do
> put them up for download?
"Train my users"? That seems a bit condescending.
I don't send SFXs to show dogs
or circus bears. I send them mainly to friends, with an
explanation of what's attached. Many people can't do
much more than save the attachment and click it, so
SFXs with scripts inside are a handy way to send
help remotely.

> "Fast and direct," huh? Sounds like some pretty ambiguous terminology
> there. Are you a programmer?

Why ambiguous? An EXE, virtually any EXE (most likely
even Java and .Net programs) is noticeably faster
than a VBS script at doing just about anything. I just meant
that speed (if it's relevant to a given project) is one
of the advantages of compiled code.
Direct? I know that an EXE can be operating more
or less directly, in terms of how many layers it's going
through to do a job, but script is *asking an EXE* to
do that job. The script is just text that the WSH interprets
and then acts on. That's quite a bit more indirect than
whatever the EXE is doing, generally, because the
WSH has to read and parse the text before carrying
out the actions.

I don't claim to be particularly an expert. I was just trying
to convey the general difference between compiled code
and script, so that the OP could see the basic difference
between script and compiled code, and between an EXE
and a script wrapped inside an EXE.

> >> YES. Lots of request for this. MS should do something about it.
> >> am i right to say this?
> >>
> > I don't know. I guess it's a matter of preference.
> > Personally, I use self-executing zips quite a bit
> > to help inexperienced friends remotely. It allows
> > me to send them a package of files and then run
> > a script to do whatever with those files.
> >
> > But aside from that, I think it's "apples and "oranges".
> > To make an EXE requires using a programming
> > language that can be compiled. VBS is not designed
> > that way. It's designed to "talk to" WSCript.exe or
> > CSript.exe.
> >
> > The advantage of
> > an EXE is that it's fast and direct. The advantage of
> > script is that it's relatively easy to do, quick to write,
> > and easy to edit. The disadvantage of script is that
> > it's slow and limited in it's abilities. If you managed
> > to actually turn a VBS into an EXE you'd just
> > lose all the script advantages without gaining any
> > of the EXE advantages, because it's not a
> > compilable language. You can't turn a bicycle into
> > a sports car by putting a fiberglass body over it.
> > You'd just end up with a limited-use bicycle.
> >
> >