Re: Cant send email without being logged on

Do you know if the script is firing? Is it firing an erroring? Do you have error traps and piping to a text file?

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I am usng windows 2003. I am sending through a smtp server that i control
that does not require authentication. the script works fine when i am logged
on. this is using the stuff.

"PaulB" wrote:

What version of CDO are you using? CDO for Windows 2000 doesn't use MAPI
sessions to send mail and requires no authentication. CDO 1.2.1 which comes
with Exchange 5.5, Outlook and is included with Exchange 200x requires a
MAPI session and you must authenticate.



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>>I have a script that runs from the RunOnce key It is suppose to send >>an
>> email using CDO as outline in the script center.
>> everything works, but I do not get the email until after I log on. >> What
>> can
>> I do to make the script send me the email without needing to logon.
> If the script works when you are logged on and just run it, then I > suspect
> the issue is the unavailability of the network, and/or CDO when a > script
> is run from RunOnce.
> /Al