Re: problem with running vbs script

From: Evertjan. (
Date: 09/27/04

Date: 27 Sep 2004 11:53:44 GMT

Piotrek Stachowicz wrote on 27 sep 2004 in
> I have a strange problem. I've got IIS 5.0, and a asp page which
> in one
> place (after pressing the submit button) calls wshShell.exec("cscript
> c:\unix.vbs"). Unfortunately for some mysterious reasons (wrong
> priviliges or sth),the unix.vbs is not run. I have no problems with
> executing "cscript c:\unix.vbs" from command line - everything is fine
> then.
> What may be wrong?!

Privileges, privileges, says the white rabbit.

The Netherlands.
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