Re: replacing join operation in XML

Can you be a bit more precise what you want to do? You want to change the
showplan to then force a different plan? You can try, but you should be

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<Preeti.s83@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
is it possible to replace join type ( for eg. nested loop with hash
join and so on) in xml plan...
we will fst take plan in xml format ( show xml plan ) and then we will
replace join with other one .. and then execute this plane .. to see
the effect....

for this we need to understand the way join information get stored in
xml ....and then replace...
for any extra info we can put garbage .. which will be filled by
actual value while execution...

so my question is : is it possible...( i think it is very much
and if yes then guide me... from where i can get these join
format .. so that i can replace...
or just running query on some dataset for both join type and thn
comparing the way the get stored .. is sufficient to convert...