Re: max number of databases

From: Hari Prasad (
Date: 08/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2004 09:20:29 +0530


Adding new databases to the server may not be a issue. Could you check your
CPU - Processor time
and Memory usage (Available bytes MB) during peak time. If your available
memory and CPU hits are
normal then you can create more databases, Because SQL server will take very
less memory to open a database.


"NAN" <> wrote in message
> I realize it all has to do with how much ram, disk space,
> cpu, etc.. but is there a maximum number of databases you
> should have on 1 database server? Here are some specs:
> 2cpu's @1ghz
> 2 gb ram
> plenty of disk space
> clustered
> The problem is that mgmt keeps putting more and more db's
> on this server (there are over 60). Every day the error
> log has to be deleted because it is too large to open.
> Mgmt now wants reasons why NOT to put any more db's on
> this server. They are koo koo.
> Thanks.