SQL Documentation Tools


I have received a mandate to "document" my databases. It seems that there
are several products out there that will scan the meta data of a database
and generate a Word/PDF/HTML/XML/etc. document that details the structure of
the database. If I'm going to bother with such, I'd like to be able to add
permanent comments for each object about why it exists and remarks on how it
should be used (i.e., custom meta data about my meta data). Also, I'm
finding that SQL 2005/2008's restricted viewing of database diagrams
interfere's with my ability to communicate database structure to the
developers I support. So, it would be nice if a documentation tool would
support diagrams as well.

I solicit your recommendations and warnings about such products you have

Thank you,

Daniel Jameson
SQL Server DBA
Children's Oncology Group