Re: SQL Server Networking

From: Mark Broadbent (
Date: 02/24/04

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 13:41:47 -0000

yes Jim, just like it would work in the standalone environment, just specify
the remote server name in the query analyzer "server" entrybox. with Ent Man
register the remote server.

"Jim Heavey" <> wrote in message
> I have always worked on SQL Server in a standalone environment. Now, I
> have two workstations networked together and I want the second machines to
> point to the first machine for it's SQL server needs.
> Can I install Query Analyzer and Enterprise Manager on the second machine
> point to the first? How do I configure them to point to SQL on the first
> machine?
> Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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