Re: Ken Henderson's Book on SQL Internals

From: Greg Linwood (
Date: 05/03/04

Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 18:15:48 +1000

Hi Liz

Inside Windows is a series of MS Press books by David Solomon & Mark
Russinovich (early edition by Helen Custer)
Inside SQL Server is a series of MS Press books by Kalen Delaney (early
editions by Ron Soukup)

Greg Linwood
SQL Server MVP

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> > Hi Liz.
> >
> > What I really like about this book is the depth with which it covers
> Windows
> > topics. This information is especially valuable to DBAs because SQL
> > is so closely integrated with Windows and managing SQL Servers
> > requires a good understanding of Windows internals. There are many good
> > books on SQL Server but I've not seen any that cover the relevant
> > internals as well as Ken's latest book. I think great companions to this
> > book are Inside Windows & Inside SQL Server - both MS Press.
> Thanks, Greg ... which author on "Inside Windows" ... there seem to be a
> zillion "inside windows x, y, z" titles and I just have this sneaking
> suspicion they were not created equal ...

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